Want to get your content seen more, read more and watched more? Then you need a marketing hook. You need to give your audience a reason to look deeper.

If marketing hooks are a mystery to you or you’d love to improve yours, then this blog has been written for you.

Let’s dig deep and find out what the secret ingredients to strong hooks are. And if you’d like more tips and examples, download your free copy of 25 Scroll Stopping Hooks.

Make your content stand out and demand attention with a powerful hook

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What is the hook?

Every piece of content you create would ideally magically leap from its viewing surface right into the vision of your target audience.

The reality is we’re in an age of information overload and milli second attention spans. Your audience is consuming information at lightning speed, scrolling and scan reading and looking for something that resonates enough for them to stop,

And so we need to work immeasurably hard for our content to cut through and be seen in the busy online space.

And that’s where the hook comes in.

  • The hook is the attention grabber.
  • The hook is the invitation to read, watch or find out more.
  • The hook needs to entice and create intrigue.

Without a hook, your audience will scroll on by. So whether it be in an email inbox, a social media feed or a blog, you need to use your hook as a vehicle to demand attention.

The hook is the bit that shouts “hello I’m interesting and you need to read or watch me”

How to write a strong marketing hook

Don’t start with the hook. You’ll very likely spend ages pondering it. The first step for writing your hook, is to work on your content. What is the key message that that this one piece of content is aiming to communicate?

Write your post, your email, your blog, film your reel, let the words flow naturally.

When it’s almost complete, return to the beginning and ask yourself,would I watch or read this?” Is there an invitation to look deeper? “What’s in it for me?” 

Then think of the words that would make you stop and look deeper.

5 Marketing Hooks to use in your content

1. My secret formula to….

  • EXAMPLE: My secret formula for creating content fast

2. Did you know...

  • EXAMPLE: Did you know this about story highlights

3. 8 reasons you’re….

  • EXAMPLE: 8 reasons you’re content isn’t being seen

4. Save… (or another action word)

  • e.g. Save time with this daily habit

5. The most powerful lesson I’ve learned

Get 25 Scroll Stopping Hooks - for free

To help you work out on your marketing hooks for your content, I’ve created a document called 25 Scroll Stopping Hooks.

It’s free for you to download and contains 25 hook prompts, examples from my own marketing and other tips to help.

Download your copy today and ramp up the visibility of your content.

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