Looking to outsource your content?

There are times when we all need a bit of extra support to ease the pressure. You’re probably already nodding If you’ve found yourself on this page. You need to create some time and space in your week so that you can focus on running your business. At the same time you need to maintain your visibility online and on social media, but find it’s taking up way too much time and you need someone who you can trust to lend a hand.

I help a select few businesses in an outsourced content management capacity.

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Content Producer

I will meet with you monthly to strategically plan your monthly content. I'll then guide you in capturing photography and video content and create and prepare your social media content for you including graphics, writing captions and editing reels.

I also offer copywriting services for email newsletters and blogs.

You keep the freedom to manage your own marketing and social media accounts but with a store cupboard of content ready to go.

We’ll spend an hour together each month creating a content plan, looking at your specific content needs and key business information, like who you are trying to target and what action you would like them to take. You leave the rest to me.

Price starts from £500 per month. Minimum 3 months.

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