Frequency and consistency in posting has a significantly positive impact on success levels of social media activity. Daily posting on many platforms can be truly effective, but knowing what to post each day is one of the biggest challenges I hear from clients?


Try a few of these techniques for firing up the creative juices. Before you start crafting new content however, always keep your target audience top of mind. What is it your audience will love to see?


15 ways to generate content ideas for your small business social media

  1. Topics. Create a list of 5 topic areas your audience is interested in, then quickly fill in 10 content ideas under each topic.
  2. Brainstorm. Grab a piece of paper, or an excel spreadsheet if that’s more your thing and write as many rough ideas as possible – you can refine, tweak, and delete later.
  3. Ask your audience what they want to see from you or check out the comments they have popped on your previous posts. Take a look at what they are posting about too. (I’ve just stopped mid blog writing to ask my audience what they would like to hear about from me).
  4. Get personal. Add a personal story, or get personal with your brand – take your audience behind the scenes, can your audience help you make a decision?
  5. Trends. What are the current and forthcoming trending topics? Where might you be able to jump onto the conversation around popular topics?
  6. How to. Is there a mini how to guide you can offer?
  7. Q&A. Can you deliver question and answer sessions.
  8. News. Talk about current news or industry developments. What’s on trend for this season? What new changes are being seen / being proposed?
  9. Collaborate. Can you invite a guest to work with you on some new content?
  10. Audience interest. What is already appealing to your audience? Which content are you getting the most interaction with?
  11. Plan ahead – what key dates / special awareness days are coming up relevant to your business?
  12. Reviews. Can you feature customer reviews, showcasing the work you have done.
  13. Showcase. What other brands / people complementary to your business can you talk about?
  14. Quotes. Are there relevant inspirational quotes you may be able to share?
  15. Your images. Review your image library – what images can you share, which images spark a new idea for you.


There’s plenty of other ways you can generate content ideas, but hopefully this is a good starting point for you.

Need more ideas?

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