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As business owners, we’ve all had that moment of tumbleweed blowing across our brains as we try to think of new ways to say the same thing.  When we’re close to our business sometimes we lose sight of how wonderful our products and services are, and we just can’t find the words to get people to buy them.

This blog is for you if you have ONE thing you need to focus on selling but you’re totally lost for ideas. Here’s a number of different ways to sell one thing in your content:-

1. Start with the Obvious

Clearly show your ideal customer what you have to offer. Nothing hidden. Spell it out with exactly what it is and what is on offer. This post may not get massive reach or engagement, but it will hit the spot for the person it’s designed for.

social media post examples

2. Share the proof that your thing is brilliant

Trust is a major influencer when your potential customer is deciding to buy from you. Your reviews can provide that feeling of safety for your audience, confirming that you are someone they can trust when investing in your product or service.

Share a review from your previous happy customers, to cultivate that feeling of trust.  You can also use User Generated Content or perhaps combine the two.

What did a previous client think of your thing? How did you help them? What problem did you solve for them? What was the result?

End your caption with your sales message.

Image of Sarah chatting with her client on Facetime

3. Find the story

Tell the story that makes your ideal customer know they need your product or service too.

  • How a client felt before they found you and their transition to how they feel now.
  • Your journey that led to the service and the result for you.
  • The unique process you took for one particular customer.
  • The story of why you picked your location, your supplier, your materials.

End your your sales message. I want to feel just like they did / you did.

Sarah sitting on a sofa reading a story book

4. Be helpful

Go deep on a topic that relates to what it is that you’re selling. Don’t be afraid to showcase your knowledge and expertise to your audience. If your business is multi-faceted, choose one product/service per day/week and share how each of these could solve a problem or support a potential client.

A ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ compilation is a great idea to create helpful content. You could create a Reel answering all the common questions you get asked by your audience. Or how about a Stories series answering one FAQ a day.

The Post and Reel below could both lead to a sales message.

mobile phone featuring an instagram reel

Hopefully these suggestions have unblocked your creativity, and you can start with these four ways to sell your one service or product.

If you have questions about content, feel free to DM me over on Instagram.

Happy contenting.


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