Useful if you are just getting started with Instagram OR great as a checklist if you are already well on your way, I’ve created this FREE MINI GUIDE TO INSTAGRAM. It talks about what really matters, what content to post and offers a short handbook to the whole Instagram app.

Back in the early days of freelancing, I created a guide to each of the social media platforms. They’ve been sitting hidden in Canva ever since and sent only to a few clients. So I thought I’d give Instagram basics a little update and make it more broadly available.  So here it is. For you. Your guide to Instagram.
It’s a quick guide to understanding what makes Instagram tick and how you can use this powerful tool to build your business.

Image showing 4 pages of the guide on wooden floorboards

A Mini Guide to Instagram

Whether you are just getting started with your Instagram journey and need a beginners guide to Instagram, or well down the track with your social media and wondering if you could be doing things differently or making use of other opportunities on Insta… then there’s something useful waiting for you in this 4 page mini guide.

It’s yours totally free. I’ll just be collecting your email address and sending you content inspiration via my email newsletter. You can of course unsubscribe at any time.

Fab. Downloading now

I hope you find your mini guide to Instagram useful, and if you do, please let your business buddies know so they can download a copy too.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or DM me via Instagram.

Connect with me on Instagram if you haven’t done so already @sarahrichardssocial. I’d love to hear what you think of the guide and how it helps you move forwards with your account.