Setting boundaries with your social media content is such a good way of bringing organisation and freedom to your day to day work and lifestyle. It’s a method to reducing social media stress, saying farewell to imposter, for being present and for spending purposeful time on social. It’s the route to happier times spent marketing your business in the busy online space of social media.

I’ve been working with my client @thewomensvault to market a boundary setting masterclass and have learnt a lot about setting boundaries along the way. How great is it when you have a client that you can learn so much from.

Marketing the masterclass made me think a lot about my own boundaries in work, and my home life. I’d never thought about setting boundaries rather than goals before. And I’ve realised I very much like the idea.

Have you set boundaries? It’s good to set them for all facets of your life and to write them down. It kind of gives you an operation playbook. Like when you take on new business. Does it fall within the boundaries you wish to operate within? Those that bring you happiness and joy.

My boundaries with social media content

So I thought about how much a part of my social media content is and how I spend hours creating and planning marketing content for clients as well as my own business. And I decided to be brave and set some much needed boundaries. After all, it’s not healthy or very zen to be staring at screens until we close our eyes for the night. This is our time when we need to be taking interest in our housemates (family, partners, cats, budgies) days, when we need to taking long baths, losing ourselves in novels, trying a spot of yoga or heading out to catch up with friends.

I created some boundaries to live by…

Image of Sarah outdoors looking up at her iphone

1.I will just be me

“I’ll do it my way” 🎶


2. I’ll have fun with my content.

I will post the content I love to create.


3. I’ll be adventurous.

I will push myself to create new & different content.


4. There will be no comparison.

I won’t compare myself to anyone at all, but I will let myself be inspired by following and surrounding myself with people who lift me.

5. There’ll be no more late night creating

I say as I sit here writing this late with a sudden creative urge I’ve given in to. Yes I still do this sometimes. 🤣

6. My own content will be created in the working day

I am my best and most important client. If I don’t promote my business, it will not deliver and earn me the money I need for our family. I will block time out to market my business in my work day. And that is the very reason I’ve created The Content Collective, which I strongly invite you to join.

7. I say no to contenting at times that don’t suit me

“I will not post client reels at unsavoury hours.” I’m working on this one, with myself mostly, no one expects me to do this, but if it’s the right time to chat to busy people, then there’s a pull to be there. Reels scheduling is hopefully the answer, although I’m still testing how successful scheduled reels are.

8. Weekends are for me, for family, for fun

I will be organised with all the content I work on. If I’m posting client reels at a weekend, I will be organised and have everything prepped. All that will be required is a press of the ‘post’ button. Reels scheduling, please be behave for me.

9. I won’t show up on Instagram every day 

But when I do it will be sharing big value.

10. I won’t dance on reels… maybe

Actually scrap this one. I danced on reels with @rebuildagram late last year raising money for @winstonswish. It was A LOT of fun. Even liberating. So I’ve thrown this boundary out of the window. Let’s dance. Let’s all have more fun with our content.


If you’d like to get smarter with setting boundaries in your life, check out the amazing masterclass from coach and speaker Olivia Bath at The Women’s Vault.

No more content chaos

The Content Collective is about boundaries. It’s about getting your content sorted so that you can focus on the big stuff in your business.  I’ve realised so many of you know what you need to be doing with your content, you just struggle to fit it all in amongst the everyday running of your business. It means you either stress about posting and sending content or you’re working on it late at night when everything else is done.

The Content Collective is a space for you to join a small group of business owners to get ahead with your content; brainstorming ideas, writing your plan and making a start on creating your month’s content.

I, Sarah will be on hand to help you shape your content plan and talk through ideas, plus you’ll benefit from the shared expertise of the other attendees.

This is for you if you know where you are going with your content but need the accountability to get it done in a structured space, so that you can spend the rest of your month driving your business.

Make an investment in your business. Plan and create your content routinely with me once a month and spend the rest of the month feeling organised and working on the big stuff.