25 Scroll-Stopping Hooks – Guide


This 8-page scroll-stopping hooks free guide gives you 25 ideas for hooks to use in your social media posts and broader marketing, together with real-world examples and tips to help you to craft your own.


Great content begins with scroll-stopping hooks. Without a hook, your audience will scroll on by. So whether it be in an email inbox, a social media feed or a blog, you need a vehicle to demand attention. This is the bit that shouts “hello I’m interesting and you need to read or watch me”.

Marketing hooks help grab the attention of your audience. They build intrigue and inspire the viewer to look deeper into what you have to tell them.

But it’s not always easy to come up with a strong hook and particularly when you’re not a marketer. So I created a guide to help. Filled with ideas and examples of marketing hooks, this guide will help you create your own hooks for your content. Strong headlines that make your audience interested to find out more.

This 8-page scroll-stopping hooks guide gives you:

  • – 25 ideas for hooks to use in your social media posts and broader marketing
  • – Real-world examples of hooks being used
  • – Tips and ideas for crafting your own hooks

The guide is free to download. Get your 25 marketing hooks.


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