Reboot your Content Masterclass


How to audit and reboot your content. This short masterclass will guide you to audit and improve your social media content so that it can start growing your accounts and driving more leads.


How to audit and reshape your content

Feeling like you’re missing a trick with your content? That it could all be taken up a notch and working a little harder for you? You’re not getting the results you would hope for. Maybe your content is boring you.

This is exactly where I find myself every 4-6 months.

And I’m sharing the 8 steps I go through to audit and reshape my own content. Every time I go through this exercise, I see hugely positive results on my Instagram account and that’s why I commit to doing it so regularly.

This short masterclass will:

  • – show you how to audit your content
  • – show you how to focus on what is working and  reshape what isn’t
  • – demonstrate what good content is
  • – help you build a picture of the next steps you need to take to up-level your content.


  • – 45-minute masterclass for you to download and watch immediately
  • – A worksheet to guide you towards rebooting your own content

Things you might like to know:

  1. The process I teach works for any social media platform or marketing channel. I’ll be demonstrating for Instagram content.
  2. I’ll teach you my process which you will be able to revisit again and again to uplevel your content. I go through this exercise every 4-6 months for my own content.

Get started straight away on making your content work harder.


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