Toolkit and Templates

Make your Instagram Story Highlights work harder for you

Ready to finally get your Instagram Story highlights off the bottom of your to do list and working harder for you?

I can’t tell you how many times I hear ‘I must update my highlights’ and see content sitting in them promoting events from last November or from 176 weeks old.

And yes not everyone will view the content that lies within your story highlights, but those who do most likely want to buy from you/work with you. It’s the warmer leads that take a peek. Those searching for confirmation that you/your business is right for them. So let’s power them up…together.

Image of a desk with the kit on it

Your Instagram Story Highlights Kit

These Story Highlights templates and a toolkit of advice will make updating your highlights super quick and easy.
Story highlight space is wasted so often with out of date irrelevant information and it's time to get them updated.

- Tips for creating hardworking story highlights
- Instructions on how to update them and add covers
- Two design options of story highlight Canva templates
- Instructions of how to use the templates

Get your kit now. Just £35

Is the Kit for you?

You're short of time

You're busy running your business and there's never enough time to do everything. You just about manage to show up on Instagram fairly regularly but as for having the time to think about your highlights. No chance.

This kit includes Canva templates. All you need to do is change the colours, brand fonts, add your own images and answer the prompts to tell your audience how you can help them.

You don't really know what content needs to be in highlights

No end of people have said to me, "ooh is that what highlights are supposed to be like".  So maybe you don't know what content needs to be in them... but as they take up some of the most important real estate on your profile, they are worth tackling.

The kit includes advice on what to include and provides prompts for your copy... which you can probably copy from your website or a previous post.

You already lose half your life faffing in Canva

The Canva templates cut the design faff. Just change the colours, type faces and add your words and images and you are done.

The kit also contains instructions for how to update the templates and also your highlights.

The designs are for your own use only. You will need a free or pro Canva account to access the designs and will need to use them in accordance with Canva’s terms.

Graphic pale blue background with the words
Image of phone showing Sarah's Instagram profile and the location of story highlights - the circles housing previous stories
Graphic white text on pale blue background reads 'A little like your website navigation menu, they need to carry the most important info
Graphic pale blue background with white story highlight cover icons of plants

Make it easy for someone who is interested to find out more about what you can offer them.