Why does behind the scenes content work so well?

Behind the scenes content is raw, natural and so so real. It’s the content that allows a window into your world, shows the person/people behind the brand. It gives a potential customer a way to connect, and a vehicle for building trust.

From your morning coffee, the attention to detail you give to packing your product and to singing as you work, it tells your audience a little more about you. It helps them build a connection and eases their decision to work with you or buy from you.

6 Ways to share behind the scenes content

Here’s 6 ways you could share some behind the scenes content for your business.

1. Give us a sneak peak at your workspace. Whether that’s you prepping a glamping pod for your next guest, a desk covered in fabrics you are researching for a client project, your morning tea or coffee next to your to do list on the kitchen table. It’s a window into your world…and your audience is going to like it.

2. You creating, making, packaging. People love to see things step by step. Maybe they feel they can learn something too or maybe it’s just an interest to see how something is made. From the care and attention of you spinning pottery on a wheel, to the level of care you take with your packaging, how you plan out your day away from your desk…it’s all good stuff.

3. The little things that matter. Maybe it’s the finishing touch on a flower arrangement, you packing your kit for the day, or doing a double checking of content or a document before it goes to a client, the perfect detailing of your product, this says something about you. You care. And the scene around you does not need to be perfect.

4. Share your day. A day in the life of style content will forever go down well. People are nosey and intrigued and want to see the imperfections of normal everyday life. Of course be selective but take your audience on a journey into your world.

5. What lies around you. What about the local area or somewhere you visit for work…or for pleasure. Make it a conversation. First time in Oxford, what are the must do’s. Or maybe it’s your local area that you give a quick tour of. You might find your audience are very interested.

6. Reading, watching, listening to. This type of behind the scenes content is gold. Share it and see. People are following you for what you do. If you are listening to a podcast that’s nutrition related and you’re a nutritionist share it with your audience for further learning. However, if you are reading a fabulous new novel, share that too. You’ll be amazed at how much attention it gets. And most definitely share the latest TV series you’re watching or an inspiring podcast. We all like to know what we need to be watching next.

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