Is comparisonitis stopping you from driving your business forwards using Instagram? Do you compare yourself to others in your space, feel inadequate, question your own ability and compare the kitchen table version of yourself against their shiny, lipstick curated Instagram finish of others? Here’s 10 ways to stop comparing yourself to others on Instagram and to reduce comparisonitis.

How to stop comparing yourself to others on Instagram

Before you read on, think about what you would say to a youngster comparing themselves to a friend or high profile personality on social media. The magazine version is not real. And it’s exactly the same with your business and business profile compared to theirs. Remember every single business is at a different stage in their business journey. This is your journey and yours alone.

We rarely see the unpolished version of anyone on social media. We see a curated finish. One where the bumpy corners are ironed out. We hear not of tales of failure unless it’s told as part of a story to success. And those people we are comparing ourselves to, are almost always comparing themselves to others. Looking up to others and finding inspiration can be healthy and encouraging, but if it’s a negaitive act of comparison, you need to mute the noise and step out on your own journey with a total focus on what matters to you audience.

Comparisonitis kills creativity, and stops us doing what we’re good at. It can be paralysing and debilitating and leave us unable to show up for the good of our business. I’d love to help you overcome this and to enable you to slowly step out of the shadows and into the limelight.

The way forward

Early in 2021 I tackled the topic of Instagram comparisonitis with doubt dismantler and experienced mindset coach Emma O’Brien, we talked about the tactics needed to overcome these feels and build resilience against them.

Watch the full replay via this link or take note of these useful tips for overcoming comparisonitis.

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  1. Explore the things that trigger you

If you see something that makes you feel bad, explore what it is that has triggered you. Better than ignoring and blocking. Take time to understand it. Know what it is specifically that you are comparing to and then take it back to what you really want and your own goals. Rationalise and add perspective.  
  1. Create Boundaries

Limit the amount of time spent on Instagram and use the app in a purposeful way. Mute accounts that evoke comparisonitis or trigger negativity. Promoting your business needs to be a positive experience.  
  1. Invest in your own self esteem

Get comfortable with who you are. Know your strengths and superpowers. Step into your uniqueness, and know that it is ok to just be you. You will naturally build a resilience to seeing other images and content similar to that which you are striving for. Emma's coaching sessions can assist you in understanding your strengths and tapping into your story.  
  1. Help each other

Have people around you who can reflect a belief in you back at you until you believe it yourself. A business buddy or group is perfect. Be your authentic yourself. Show up and show it's ok to be who you are - it will help others to do the same. Be a positive role model for those around you. "Don't stop now you never know who you are inspiring."  
  1. Create a short mindset routine

Reconnect with your goals and what you are trying to achieve. Visualise your day going well and positively. Emma suggested that journaling can be great for addressing overwhelm and stepping forwards, but don't focus on the negative as you may be wiring it in. Use journaling as a positive adventure  

This recent reel calling for my community to stop hiding, comparing and trying to be like everyone else really seemed to strike a chord. Tap the image or click here to watch.

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6. Prepare content in advance

Have some content prepared and ready in your cupboard for the days when feelings of comparisonitis set in. That way you can continue to post and show up for your business without having to worry about what to post.  

7. Compare only with your own journey.

Focus on what you do have and your own audience. Acknowledge how far you have come, how brave you have been in taking the steps you have taken so far. Focus on those who follow you, support you and visibly enjoy what it is you share with them – invest more in your superfans, because if you get it right for them, more will come.  

8. Keep improving what you do.

Rather than looking at others, look within yourself and within your community. What is needed of you to better fix the problems of your target customer. What do they need from you and how can you provide it?  

9. Choose to be inspired instead

Choose to be inspired by other accounts. Select a few accounts who inspire you, maybe they do something similar but not the same and take inspiration from them. What are they doing well that you can learn from?  

10. Collaborate

Work with other businesses to combine skills and bring your audience more of what they need. Collaboration is such a rewarding and enriching experience and offers fun and connection too. From going live and interviewing another person, to a carefully created collaboration post or reel, you’ll hit twice the audience and feel part of something bigger.

I’ve personally found that launching myself into Instagram and highlighting the parts of my work and life that I love has helped me grow in confidence….overall. I’ve learnt to take myself less seriously, to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone… and it’s definitely done positive things for me. Instagram might make you look at the movie trailer of someone else’s life but it can also make you focus in on the movie reel of your own.

Need a hand mapping out where you’re going on Instagram?

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