In search of Instagram hashtags for Autumn and Winter?

Instagram hashtags create an interesting challenge for any business marketing themselves on the platform. Time consuming to research, unreliable in terms of effectiveness, yet still able to offer a powerful punch in extending your reach on the platform.

Relevance is the key factor when it comes to hashtags and that means you need to be regularly tweaking these little words of energy to maintain relevance with the content you are posting.  Seasonal updates to hashtag sets will be needed for many businesses.

I’m a huge believer in using smaller niche hashtags on Instagram, those where you are more likely to have a chance of your content being seen. I stick to hashtags that have been used under 100,000 times. Occasionally I use a couple sized between 100,000 and 200,000 but nothing bigger.

When writing this blog the #Autumn hashtag had been used 99.4million times and #Winter 155m times. Best avoid these. You have about zero chance of your content being seen. Here’s a selection of Instagram hashtags for Autumn and Winter.

20 Instagram Hashtags for Autumn

Whether you have a product or service based business, there will be times when Autumn naturally comes into the conversation and so here’s your Autumn hashtag set ready and waiting.

The season where daily routine rules, falling leaves colour our world, and long walks, roaring fires, hot chocolate and soups warm our hearts. Then there’s pumpkins, spice, bats and usually some good TV too. Here’s 20 Autumn hashtags to use in your Autumn focused Instagram posts and reels.

Warm and cosy, rusty and filled with colour, Autumn is a beautiful season to capture on camera and share with your audience.

String with Autumn leaves hanging from it

10 hashtags for early Autumn

#Autumn2022 – 140k

#AutumnSunshine – 128k

#ReadyForAutumn – 33k

#WarmAndCosy – 71k

#AutumnInTheAir – 29k

#InspiredByAutumn – 3k

#AutumnInspiration – 109k

#SeasonalLiving – 117k

#HotChocolateTime – 110k

#CosyTimes – 35k

10 hashtags for late Autumn

#PumpkinSeasonIsComing 6k

#PumpkinSpiceSeason – 163k

#PumpkinObsessed – 25k

#PumpkinSpiceAndEverythingNice – 79k

#MyAutumn – 118k

#ColourOfAutumn – 8k

#Halloween2022 – 482k

#ShowUsYourHygge – 55k

#CosyUpYourWorld – 16k

#HyggeTime – 106k

10 Instagram Hashtags for Winter

Up next, Instagram hashtag suggestions for the wonders of Winter. #Winter has been used 155m times so definitely steer clear of that one in favour of some smaller niche hashtags that you have the opportunity to be seen within.

Hashtags to use for Winter can be based on the season, the cosy vibe or the colours.

Image of snow on branches

10 hashtags for Winter.

#WinterWonder 58k

#CosyInside 13k

#FiresideTreats 8k

#SnuggleUp 105k

#CandlesAndBooks 14k

#HyggeVibes 29k

#TheSnuggleIsReal 199k

#WinterMagic 232k

#SnowMuchFun 159k

#SnowSnow 24k

Fingers crossed these hashtag lists saved you a a little time to put back into creating some awesome new content that your audience will love…. or time for running your business or doing life.

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Make the most of this gorgeous colour filled season.
Sarah x