Hand up if your Instagram Story Highlights contain content from eleventy-billion weeks ago…?

Hand up if Instagram Story Highlights are on your to-do list but you never quite seem to find the time…?

Yep. I thought so… 😆

Hey I’m not judging here – I know how busy you are, but as your friendly neighbourhood Instagram expert, I know what a powerful opportunity they offer in terms of showcasing your knowledge and experience at a glance. And I want you to make the most of them.

I like to think of Instagram story highlights as mini billboards for your business – they have premium real estate on your profile, and they carry the most important info about your business.

So I’ve compiled this handy list on how to create hardworking Instagram Story highlights:-

5 Tips to fire up your Instagram story highlights

Image of bio and Instagram Story Highlights section of Sarah's Instagram profile

1. Keep It Simple

No one has the time to sit through 57 highlights. Keep it concise with around 4-6 that show your core business information – the things that show exactly what you do, how you do it and what problems your offering solves.

2. Keep It Relevant

No one is interested in seeing stories advertising events from 76 weeks ago, or looking at special offers that they’ve missed out on.

When you add something new to a highlight, get into the habit of reviewing older highlights  and see if anything needs to be removed.

3. The Best of the Best

When you create the very best stories to be saved into your highlights like these ones will be, proudly post them to stories, knowing that this is your best content and your most important messages. You want as many people to read/view these stories as possible. Never apologise for updating your Story Highlights.

4. This is Important

Include the most important information about your account. Highlights are like mini sign posts to the most important info someone new would need when landing on your account. Think of them like in a similar way to the navigation bar / main menu on your website. Do include branded stories – carefully thought out, well designed stories rather than everyday story snippets.

5. Back to Basics

Take things back to your content pillars/themes which should be closely hooked into your business goals. One of my pillars for example is to share tips, which positions me and showcases the value I bring…. and so it makes sense for me to have a Tips highlight.

The most likely audience viewing your Instagram Story highlights will be new people visiting your account or those interested in working with you or buying from you who are searching for confirmation that you / your business is right for them. These are warm leads and that’s why highlights matter.
Make it easy for someone who is interested to find out more about what you can offer them.

I hope you find these tips for Instagram Stories Highlights useful. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or DM me via Instagram.

Instagram Story Highlights Template Kit

After seeing endless accounts with irrelevant and old highlights, I’ve created a Kit to help you update yours faster. It contains tips and instructions for using highlights as well as 2 designs of Canva templates that you can use to customise for your business. Get your kit here >

Connect with me on Instagram if you haven’t done so already @sarahrichardssocial. I’d love to hear if you gain any new clients from your new and improved Instagram Stories Highlights.