Stuck in a creative rut? Here's 10 Tips for unleashing your inner creative genius

How to be more creative? We’ve all experienced that creativity desert. Brain as dry as the Mojave. Virtual tumbleweed rolling across a blank Word document. What feels like hours pass as you stare blankly at the screen, waiting for that lightning bolt of inspiration.

So you head to Google to spark some ideas, and 47 minutes later you realise you’re lost down a Google hole and have nothing to show for it. Except the extremely useful knowledge that False Widow Spiders do bite if frightened but thankfully their bite is no worse than a wasp sting…

Then there’s the procrastinating. Rearranging your desk drawers. Making the 8th cup of tea of the morning. Maybe you’ll even do the ironing rather than create content!

So when we’re stuck in that creativity wilderness, how can we come up with exciting, insightful content to share with our audience?  I’ve got 10 tips that may well help get you out of that creative rut and to be more creative:-

Laptop with a create key in rainbow colours

10 Ways to be more creative – and to get your content ideas sparking again!

1. Don’t fight it…feel it. This has to be the number one tip for anyone with creativity block. The more you try to force something to happen, the less likely it will come. Then frustration and disappointment start to creep in and you end up feeling pretty crappy about your efforts.  You may find that you feel more creative at different times of the month. The cycle of our bodies and that of nature can have a huge effect on how we feel from day to day, so instead of trying to force the words to come, give your brain a break!

2. Get Out! Which leads us nicely to the next tip which is to step away from your desk. Potter in the garden (yes even in the rain!) or go for a walk. Even 15 minutes of fresh air can be enough to reset the brain.

3. A Different Point of View. I’m not talking a difference of opinion here – I literally mean changing what you can see right now. Take yourself and your laptop/notebook to a café, a co-working space, even a park bench. Soak in the atmosphere, observe your neighbours and explore what creative thoughts arise.

4. Get Curious. Our ideas come from our lived experience so maybe we can say yes to more opportunities that come our way. Try something new – a hobby, food, a different walking route, maybe even some time away from where you live. This change of pace may well be what your creative brain needs.

5. This Feels Uncomfortable! Continuing from the point above, taking yourself out of your comfort zone can be a great way to find inspiration. Fear is one of the main killers of creativity (along with comparison which we will come to shortly) so how about you meet that fear head on? Go to that networking meeting. Try that new yoga class by yourself. Start studying for that new qualification. Or the scariest challenge of all…create a video to share on social media that shows your actual face!

6. Always Be Learning.Read. Everything. From classic novels to self-help, from autobiographies to trashy fiction. Read blogs by people you admire, and those of your peers and competitors. When we put ourselves in other people’s shoes it can expand our mindset and help us understand other people’s beliefs. This understanding helps us to become better creative writers because we understand what people need, and how to craft our words to fulfil that need.

7. Always Be Learning…from your mistakes. We’re human. We mess up. But these errors of judgment are how we grow. We can take what we’ve learned and come up with fresh creative solutions.

8. Show Your Vulnerability. Which brings us neatly onto point 8 about showing your audience that you do mess up sometimes. Honesty builds trust, and demonstrating your vulnerability helps to make you more relatable to your audience.  Perhaps you could incorporate some personal anecdotes into your writing that reveal your own worries and fears – chances are if you feel this way, there will be people in your audience that feel the same, and this commonality can help build relationships.

9. Comparison. I mentioned this in point 5 that comparison kills creativity (the actual quote is “comparison is the thief of joy” but the alliteration in my version sounds way better!). When we compare ourselves to others, and wish for what they have, our self-esteem can take a nose-dive. However, if we flip this mindset and view our peers and competitors as inspiration to up our game, the doors to our creative brain get flung wide open!

10. Practice Makes…you know the rest! Think of the creative part of your brain as something that needs constant exercise. The best way to boost your creativity is to just keep writing. Stay curious, stay open to new experiences and new points of view.  Know that not every piece you create is going to land, and each time that happens, learn from it and enjoy the process.

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Much love, Sarah x

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