Creative fuel for Instagram stories

Would you like to get better at using Instagram stories to market your business? Then this creative challenge is for you. The goal is to use the below prompts to post content to Instagram stories for 7 days, ultimately driving connection with your community and building demand for the work you do.

You could share your stories in 7 days straight or miss a day in between. The beauty of doing the 7 days is that you’ll get into the routine of sharing small moments and messages from your days and making sure that your business is more visible to your ideal customer.

TIP:To boost story views it can be beneficial to let stories run out before posting the next. It has also been suggested that story views are boosted when you post just before your last story runs out. Try both strategies and see what works for you with timing.

Share your daily adventures, thoughts, and creativity while you build your Instagram story skills with this #JustContenting Instagram Stories challenge.

I originally ran this challenge as a 7-day challenge with my own community and have included some of the stories as inspiration for you.

Instagram Stories Prompt Day 1: Doing

All you need to do is share a snapshot of your “DOING” to your Instagram stories today.  Show your community your work, creativity, or what’s happening in your world today. What are you working on?

The doing, the creating, the writing, the meeting, the thinking. Post either an image or a video to your Instagram stories and add text to say what you are working on. You could also post a timelapse video which shows a speedy version of your work.

⭐️ Think about the message you’d like to get across to your audience with your story…

⭐️ or if it’s a quiet day for you and all that feels too much… just use the opportunity to connect… your cup of tea and today’s thoughts are more than enough.

Images of 3 screenshots of Instagram stories

Instagram Stories Prompt Day 2: Fuelled By

Day two is for sharing the things that power your workdays and fuels our creativity. Whether it’s that morning coffee, your furry office buddy, a walk or a favourite playlist, inspire others with your daily rituals.

If you’re hoping to be strategic with your stories, share with a nod to the the main message you’re hoping to get across this week, like warming up to sell a new service or product.

Or for the light and fun version, simply show what gets you through the day. For me, it’s a morning barre class or time prepping for my day, a walk, my ‘done’ list or time chatting to clients or business buddies.

What gets you through the day?

This is another opportunity to show you at work with a little business personality.

Images of 3 screenshots of Instagram stories

Instagram Stories Prompt Day 3: Promote

It’s time to confidently tell your audience all about what you have to offer them. Day Three of your Instagram Story Challenge is all about “PROMOTING” your work.

It’s your opportunity to inform your audience about your offerings.

Share your products, services, or unique skills with confidence.

Whether you’re opening up spots for bookings or introducing something new, this is your moment to shine.

Use the link sticker from the sticker tray to guide your audience to action, and snap a pic or selfie to add a personal touch.

Images of 3 screenshots of Instagram stories

Instagram Stories Prompt Day 4: This or That

Ask your community for their thoughts today and make them feel truly valued. Use the question sticker to ask open-ended questions or the poll sticker for some fun choices. Asking which do you prefer, this or that is a great way to ask for opinion. Call it market research.

It’s as simple as saying, “I’d love your help!” Online learning or Face-to-face? Which design do you prefer: A or B?

Images of 3 screenshots of Instagram stories

Instagram Stories Prompt Day 5: Shout Out

Today us about giving a SHOUT OUT to another business.

It’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate another business that inspires you or adds value to your message. Think about your audience and what would be truly useful to them.

To share someone else’s content to your stories, just tap the paper plane icon beneath the post image or reel. Don’t forget to @ mention the account to give credit and let them know you’ve shared their content. Add your own text to your story to let your audience know why you are sharing the content and why they need to take a deeper look.


Image of 3 phone screens showing instagram stories

Instagram Stories Prompt Day 6: Reading / Watching

Share what you’re diving into—whether it’s a book, movie, podcast, or even a new recipe you’re cooking up. It’s a chance to connect with your audience on a personal level and maybe even introduce them to something they’ll love too.

Feel free to recommend a resource related to your business that your audience might find valuable or something purely personal that’s been bringing you joy. People enjoy this kind of content, so get sharing.

Instagram Stories Prompt Day 7: Your List

If you’ve got an email subscriber list (and if you’re a business you totally need to), it’s time to shine a spotlight on it. Whether you’re promoting a lead magnet or just teasing what’s coming up in your next email, this is your chance to invite your audience into your inner circle.

Make it easy for them to join by using the question sticker and writing ‘Add your email here to get a copy.’

It’s not just about growing your list today; it’s about building a community off social media that values what you have to offer. If you put valuable content in your newsletter, there’s no reason not to subscribe.


So go ahead and make a start on the #JustContenting Instagram story challenge. And as you go through each day, challenge yourself to do things differently. Press all the buttons in stories and see what lies within and how you could use those effects, stickers or tools for your content – trial and error really is the best way to learn.

Tag me @sarahrichardssocial in your stories so that I can support your #JustContenting story challenge.

And if you have questions, about story content, feel free to DM me over on Instagram.

Happy contenting.


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