5 very compelling reasons to start a content series - & some ideas

Ever considered starting a content series? Creating a collection of related pieces of content as part of a series will make your content planning a whole lot easier AND keep your audience returning again and again.

It builds loyalty, familiarity and trust with your audience – they know what to expect from you and will rely on you for your next great tip or your regular weekly or monthly content.

What’s a Content Series?

We’re talking about a collection of related content pieces that are published over a period of time, focusing on a specific theme, topic, or narrative. Each piece connects a little with a consecutive piece and they are a brilliant tactic for deeper exploration of subjects, offering audiences more comprehensive insights than what might be possible through standalone content pieces.

This type of content can be delivered in many different ways from a series of blogs, regular posts or reels/TikToks or even a collection of emails or youtube videos.

Consistency is just one of the reasons to start a Content Series

Three years ago I launched The Content Draft – a content series that goes out on Instagram every Monday morning, full of ideas for what to post that week. The idea behind it was to ensure that for anyone pondering the question of what can I post this week, they would have the solution preempted.

I remember that distressing feeling of not knowing what to post.  It seriously knocks your confidence and steals way too much of your precious time. And so for free I’ve been sharing my thoughts for 156 weeks. Super helpful stuff for those who need it. 

It’s been impossible to overlook the benefits for me as a business owner. The Content Draft is the content that ensures I show up consistently. I know exactly what I need to post each Monday and out it goes. And then I mix up the format and continually tweak it as I go.

What’s so good about Series Content?

1. It provides predictable value

Your audience knows what to expect and when. If it’s an important subject matter and helpful to your audience, they’ll eagerly search out your content.

2. It’s super Binge-worthy content

Get it right and your audience will be hooked, consuming multiple pieces of content in a single sitting, just like you might with the latest Netflix series. End each piece with a hook for the next.

3. It’s bitesize info and easy to consume

For complex topics, a series breaks down information into digestible parts, making it easier for the audience to understand and absorb.

4. Series content builds trust and credibility

Regularly delivering valuable content in a series establishes your credibility on the subject matter. Over time, this credibility builds trust with the audience, positioning you as an authority or thought leader in the niche. Share 50 Canva tips and you become The Canva Expert. Share 25 DIY hacks and everyone knows you’re the master of home renovation. (Just remember to include the sales messages too – don’t give everything away for free).

5. Marketing consistency is easy when you have a content series

A content series will provide a clear structure and roadmap for your content creation, helping you plan and execute your ideas efficiently. This structure reduces the time needed to brainstorm new topics for each piece, creating a natural ease and flow to your content.

What could your content series be?

There’s many ways to look at structuring a content series.

  • A weekly or monthly news round-up: Erica Davies used to do a Weekly Style Journal on Friday’s on Instagram Stories, check out her account to see if she still does. I used to do a monthly ‘What’s new on Instagram‘ series.
  • Helpful weekly tips: at_emmashome returns regularly to a decluttering series, currently Declutter Monday.
  • A weekly collaboration piece: Jo at StraighforwardPyschology does Fuck It Friday and used to do a lot of them as collabs with others. 
  • A series of how to tutorials: Danielle at VideosUndifficulted is a master of the content series and has grown her TikTok following to huge numbers on the back of a Canva Video tutorial series. Take a look.
  • Other how to’s. RSPB do Content Series really well. Check out their ‘How to spot a‘ series,

Final thoughts on launching a content series

Embarking on a content series presents you with so many benefits, and offers a strategic pathway to deepen audience engagement, bolster authority, and streamline the content creation process.

By establishing a series you’ll find your flow of content becomes obvious, but I would recommend mapping out a good proportion of the series before you start. I remember starting a series, getting to number 3 and thinking whatever do I post next.

Keep your audience coming back for more with a content series… and whilst saving yourself some brainspace. What will your series be about? What makes the most sense for your business goals and current sales objective.

Need a hand working out your series content or mapping your content out for the months ahead, then my Content Power Hour could be just the help you need.