Awareness days to inspire your content in June 2024

June is full of funny and informative awareness days from hugging your cat and taking your dog to work to environmentally focused dates such as World Ocean Day and World Refill Day.

I’d recommend sprinkling these days throughout your Instagram feed to share a funny/interesting/thought provoking post to connect with your ideal customers around a shared interest.

Select a few days that mean something to you, that help you to tell a business story or feel right for supporting how you market your product or service.

I’ve highlighted a few of my favourites from this month, and listed the rest of these special days. Most of them are UK based but there are few fun US and Worldwide dates dropped in there too where I think there may be social media content opportunities for my community.

Tap on each of the events below and they will take you directly to the organiser’s page or to more info.

*If I’ve missed any key dates, I apologise, this is no easy job and I’m providing this to you for free.

*Please check all dates before using them in your marketing. It is your responsibility to check the accuracy of the information. I’m just sharing my own research to make life easier for you.

*Lastly please do bring any dates I have missed to my attention and I can add them in for others to view.

A few June highlights

Month of Community


A time to come together with friends and neighbours to celebrate everything that makes our communities great.

World Environment Day

5th June

Join people around the world, build your Earth Action commitment, and share your impact with the world.

Best Friends Day

8th June

It may be a US date, but this translates globally; friends, whether they're old or new, help to carry us through our lives.

Mens Health Week

10th-16th June

Men! Whatever's going on with your health, sharing it will help and, by discussing difficult subjects, it will certainly help others.

World Refill Day

16th June

Join the campaign to prevent plastic pollution and to live with less waste. What products can you change to be refillable?

National Picnic Week

17th-25th June

Grab your picnic blankets and baskets and head to your favourite picnic spot for some al-fresco sarnies and cake!

Summer Solstice

20th June

It's the astronomical start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and the longest day and shortest night of the year.

Bring Your Dog To Work

21st June

Take your pooch to the office and raise money for charities dedicated to making a difference to the welfare of animals.

More June Awareness Dates

30 Days Wild – The Wildlife Trust – Do one wild thing a day

LGBT / Pride Month 

1st June – World Reef Day

1st June – World Milk Day

1st June – Parents Day

1st-2nd June – The Big Lunch

1st  – 7th June – Neighbourhood Watch Week

2nd June – March for Men

3rd June – World Cider Day

3rd – 9th June – British Flowers Week

3rd – 9th June – Volunteers Week

3rd – 9th June – National BBQ Week

3rd – 9th June – Child Safety Week 

3rd – 9th June – World Heart Rhythm Week

3rd – 9th June – Growing for Wellbeing Week

4th June – Hug Your Cat Day

4th June – National Cheese Day (US)

5th June – World Environment Day

5th June – Global Running Day

6th June – National Fish and Chip Day

7th June – National School Business Leaders Day

8th June – World Ocean Day

8th – 16th June – The Great Big Green Week

10th  – 16th June – Aromatherapy Awareness Week

10th – 16th June – Carers Week

10th – 16th June – Bike Week

10th – 14th June-  BNF Healthy Eating Week

12th June – Superman Day

12th – 18 June – Loneliness Awareness Week

12th – 18th June – Diabetes Week

13th June – Sewing Machine Day (US)

14th June – International Bath Day

14th June – World Blood Donor Day

15th June – National Beer Day

15th June – World Juggling day

15th June – International Surfing Day

15th – 22nd June – Drowning Prevention Week

15th-23rd June – English Wine Week

17th June – World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought

17th – 23rd June – National School Sports Week

17th – 23rd June – Learning Disability Week

17th – 23rd June – Cervical Screening Awareness Week

17th – 23rd June  – Refugee Week 

18th June  – Autistic Pride Day

16th June – Father’s Day

19th June – National Writing Day

19th June- Brakes Kids Walk

20th June – Clean Air Day

20th June – Summer Solstice

21st June – International Yoga Day

21st – 27th June – Love your Lungs Week

21st June – Global MND Awareness Day

21st June – National Selfie Day (US)

21st June – National Indigenous People’s Day (Canada)

21st June – World Humanist Day

21st June – Wallace & Gromit’s Wrong Trousers Day

22nd June – Windrush Day

23rd June – International Widows Day

21st – 23rd June – The Great Get Together

23rd June-  International Women in Engineering Day

23rd June – Public Service Day

23rd – 30th June – World Female Ranger Week

24th – 28th June – Small Charity Week

24th-28th June – Rabbit Awareness Week

25th June – Halfway to Christmas – LEON Day (US)

26th June – Reserves Day

27th June – Sunglasses Day

27th June – Helen Keller Day (US)

27th June – National Bingo Day  

29th June – Armed Forces Day

29th JuneWorld Sand Dune Day

30th June – World Social Media Day

I hope this list of special awareness days for June help inspire some fresh content. Are there any opportunities to share a funny/business/personal story that might resonate with your community and/or your ideal customer?

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