Personal content on your business social media is a big positive

Wondering whether you can post personal content on your business social media?  The answer is a large resounding yes. Personal content is the essential ingredient to building a loyal following on social media, but that doesn’t mean showing us your brekkie. 

It means opening up a tiny window into your world that’s enough to build the know, like and trust for what you do.

It’s an invitation to your audience to connect with you and to get to know you a little more.

Read on to find out why personal content on business social media accounts is a good thing and how you can add some without stepping too far out of your comfort zone.

Your main content will always be centred on your niche

There’s no doubt that the majority of your content needs to be focused on your niche. But there is room for personal content too. Even on your once beautifully curated shop window style Instagram grid. Instagram stories are of course an easy place to share behind-the-scenes, more natural content, but a token on your grid via a reel or post will be well received.

Yet some marketing experts tell us that we shouldn’t be doing this. That we should stay firmly in our own niche and the personal stuff needs to be on our personal accounts.

If you are marketing a massive brand, maybe you don’t need to try so hard – the brand awareness is already there. My mind skips to Steve Jobs and Apple.

And then to Innocent, whose marketing is wholeheartedly centred on their behind-the-scenes… and I couldn’t love it more. Here’s a pretty big brand posting an image of a team member drinking a juice while sitting at her desk with the words typed ‘buy our juice’ on a word document on her screen and another eating spaghetti bolognaise being her favourite food. Their marketing is so clever, so natural and so real. And fun. And shareable. There’s a strong memorable personality that stands out.

I’d say there’s an argument now for every brand showing a glimpse of personal content. Just look at the type of content that flies on Tik Tok.

5 reasons to share personal content on your business social media

1.People buy from people.

When I need a gift, the first businesses I think of are those I’m a superfan of, like Nikki Hill Apothecary or Hello Time.  It makes my life easier to repeatedly shop with these gorgeous businesses and I have 100% confidence that they will deliver something fabulous for the gift recipient.

Why do I go there first? It’s because I’ve got to know them. I love their products, I use them myself, I like the women who run these businesses and I want to support their businesses.  Actually, it makes me happy smiles to support them.

The same happens when I need to upskill. I look first to the people I follow closely and have built trust in. And I’d rather support smaller business owners than those shouting about their 6 and 7-figure launches, where I’ll just be another number.

2. It brings higher engagement.

Your social media accounts will benefit from the added engagement you’ll get when you post a little nugget of your personal world.

3.People connect with real life

I see brands that share amazing content. Beautifully shot video and imagery, but without a person to connect with it feels soulless. You know the type of post that gets lots of comments like ‘that’s beautiful’. Yes it is, but if there was a little more given of the person behind it in the caption or media, I’d be able to have a real conversation.

4. Most people are sick of being sold to.

Traditional marketing alone just doesn’t cut it anymore. In a world of scammers and insincerity, authenticity is so hugely appealing. We want to know that what we’re buying will work and meet our needs and that we’re not about to be scammed. Personal content builds trust and loyalty.

5. It’s about building relationships

and nurturing your audience so that one day they become a customer. Connection is one of the basic human needs.

6. And enjoying life.

Would you go onto social media if you were only seeing brands and creators promoting their offerings? I know I wouldn’t. Even inspiration like looking at beautiful homes and gardens would wear thin if that was all you saw every day. If you can share something that makes someone’s life better even for a few seconds, then you’re winning. That could be as simple as a recommendation for a new book, or a place to add to a bucket list.

How to share personal content and beat the awkward feels

1. Write a list of the personal content you are happy to share 

Grab a pen and paper and work out a list of personal content that you are happy to share on your business social media. Which small window will you open into your world?

I’m happy to share…

  • Me on camera – this is a big hurdle for so many, but is so worthwhile.
  • My love of walking – I’m not one for tracking steps on Strava but I’m always happy to take you on a walk with me. It’s where my brain finds the space for creativity and processing.
  • My desk and my work setting – I painted my office so that I was happy to share this space. But I don’t usually show you my husband’s 2 bikes that live in there or the messy pile of notes and random paperwork.
  • Co-working sessions – they happen monthly in my kitchen. We all think it’s the best thing we’ve done for our businesses in the last year and we want to inspire you to do this too.
  • What I’m watching, listening to. I love seeing recommendations for TV, books and podcasts, even recipes. So I share mine too.
  • Places I visit. If I’ve been somewhere fabulous, I let my community know so that they too can add it to their wish list. I’ve got my eye on a trip to the Isle of Wight and have Kirsty at rebuildagram’s trip lodged in my memory – from seeing her Instagram stories.
  • My garden – it’s not perfect. It’s smaller than I’d like. We have a trampoline and a massive rabbit hutch and run. But there’s some gorgeous bits like the pink ornamental poppies that grow, the bed full of tulips, our seating area which becomes my summer office. And actually you are not judging me on my gardening skills, you’re here for content advice and strategy. But I might plant something that you think, ooh I could do that this weekend too.
  • My journey to living more sustainably. Because that let’s you know the sort of person I am, it helps you connect with me if that matters to you too… and if I can inspire one other person to refill their pasta jar or buy less plastic, the planet is winning.

All it needs is a tiny occasional glimpse of your world, showing you behind the brand.

My best Instagram stories in the last few months have been. What colour should I paint the kitchen cabinets, a Christmas movie I watched, a trip to London with my Aussie friend, a new hot water bottle keeping me warm at my desk, a weekend away without kids, a request for what’s for dinner and a non-snowy walk on snow day. Really this is only a corner of my world. And it’s not even the highlights reel. Some of it is rather mundane, but it’s everyday stuff that people can connect with. You know enough about me to know that I’m a good person. And that is all that is needed.

2. Start small 

If this all feels totally awkward for you, take tiny steps to get you there. It could be showing snippets of your day or adding in a token of you. Your hands making, your voice over a reel, a photograph of you in the distance. Start with these prompts.

  • Your morning coffee on the table – with some words about your day
  • What you are watching or reading – always gets a response
  • A recommendation for a place you have visited or blog you have read

3. Get professional photos taken

If you are struggling to show up on camera, invest in some professional photographs that you are happier to share. It gives you confidence.

4. Think about your content pillars

If your content pillars include a broader topic that could be where your personal content comes in. A business selling candles might have a self-care content pillar in which you would share your own self-care routines, morning yoga etc. A coach might share their morning affirmations or a glimpse of them writing in their journal. An interior designer could share an image of them choosing fabric, their favourite design read, or a visit to a supplier to collect a product for a client. They could also share a project they are doing at home, them using their own products, how they are upskilling listing to a lecture on 2023 trends etc.

You can't build superfans without letting them get to know you

How will you share a little window into your world?

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Be you.

Sarah x