6 Summer Content tactics worth adopting for your marketing

Content for Summer 2023 that’s hitting the mark is topical, entertaining or teaching quick and easy hacks. I spend a lot of time researching content, collating ideas and creating and testing content for clients. And here’s what I’m seeing.

1.Entertaining content

Over the last few weeks I’ve watched a gardening blogger (one I’m collaborating with for a client) more than triple the size of his Instagram account, growing to 50k+. What makes his account so good. Light entertainment. Taking life less seriously and going hard with your content in the season where you’re going to get the biggest results. Stop overthinking your content, create content that makes you smile and if it can fit with your personal brand or overall brand, have a bit of fun.

2. Topical content

I’ve also watched a colleague sell out a masterclass on the topic of using Chat GPT with minimal marketing and a funky robot filter. Why has this content worked so well? Because its offering a product that’s topical, sharing content in a way that gives you FOMO. Will I fall behind if I don’t learn AI now? Even I almost questioned whether I needed to do that workshop… and I’ve been using Chat GPT and other AI’s for months. Relevant. Topical content… and if your product or service is topical too… you’re winning.

3.Quick wins

More on the above. Can AI do this stuff quicker than I can alone? When people are time poor and right now, there’s a lot of people who are, as they hurtle towards the summer holidays, the quicker and faster they can learn, the better it is.

In my Content Collective session today, I showed Mary a quick tip for adding something to a Canva design. It was a time saving tip. That would make great content for me to share.

So what can you share that offers your audience a quick win?

4. Bold opinions make great content

Now I’m not about to encourage you to start sharing contentious statements or start arguments, but being different and sharing a unique perspective is a huge positive. If no-one ever questioned or stood up and offered an alternative, we’d all be like sheep.

So share what you really think. Share your experience, your thoughts. But always be kind.

5. Real life, behind the scenes content and bloopers

The content we are exposed to is going to become more and more fuelled by robots. AI can and certainly will be able to churn out any content you dream of… but what it won’t be able to do ever, is be authentically and uniquely you. You are the unique selling point in your business. You are your content’s greatest asset. So just be you.

Show the laughter. Show the mistakes and bloopers. Show what it’s really like working in your business. You’ve only got to jump onto TikTok to see the sort of content that’s being loved.

6. And really helpful content

I make planning and creating content easier for businesses. With every piece of content I share and the products I create I am to be helpful and to save you time and energy. So that you can spend more time working on the things that matter to your business, rather than procrastinating about what to post next. What content can you share that’s really helpful?

What content will you share to stand above the crowd?

Next time you’re drawing up your content plan, think about these 5 tactics. Entertaining content, topical content, quick wins, bold opinions and real life. You might just find they are happily received by your audience.

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Happy contenting.

Sarah x