Say no to single use content

Good content takes time and effort to create, so why would you use it just once?

You’ve taken the time to capture a stunning photograph. You’ve made the effort to share a tip, to update your audience. You’ve put into words an experience you or a client has been through. You’ve spent time creating content that you know responds to your audience’s needs and questions…and yet it’s not received the attention it deserves on Instagram… or another platform.

At the end of the day we cannot rely on a single social media platform to get our messages out there for us. And whilst it’s impossible for a small business to do everything and to be active on every platform, putting your eggs all in one basket is also not ideal.

It’s time to set yourself the challenge to use every piece of content you create more than once? Here’s how you may be able to do this.

Reuse, recycle, repurpose your social media content

Before you rush into repurposing your content for multiple platforms, take some time to understand where else your ideal audience might be hanging out. Don’t assume that if they are on Instagram, they are also on TikTok, LinkedIn or Pinterest or even YouTube. Do a little investigation and gain some understanding as to which are the right channels for you to be focusing on.

Where can you get more reach for your message? 

How to repurpose your content

Are you getting the most you can out of the content you create?

Sometimes the message needs to be tweaked per platform, or a graphic resized but usually a tweak is much quicker than starting from scratch.


Let’s take this blog as an example. It began it’s life as an Instagram post. I instantly shared it over to my very small Facebook page. I shared it to LinkedIn too. I’ve since included it in my email newsletter and expanded my original words and thoughts into a blog. It’s a useful topic and can go further yet. Maybe a reel of the key point, which can then be used on other platforms supporting short form video.

Ideas for repurposing content

  1. You create a reel. If your audience is on other platforms, the reel can potentially also be posted on TikTok, as an Idea Pin on Pinterest and even a YouTube Short. Reels are slowly becoming more available on Facebook so of course there is that option to pursue too.
  2. You create an educational post, let’s say it’s around you sharing 5 top tips. You might start by creating an Instagram carousel. Could it also be a single image graphic in a month’s time? Could you create a reel to support it? If you’ve taken the time to write and share 5 tips on a topic, then you have probably almost written a short blog. Which can be shared in your email too. For me, my educational posts and particularly my blogs create good content for Pinterest. I’m starting to share them again.

You get the picture. If you’re taking the time to create content, think about switching up the hamster wheel of creating more and more content for expanding this one piece. Find out where your audiences is and push the message out to them via other channels.


Need more help?

If you need help making a start with your content, mapping out your content pillars and conversation topics then book a 121 session with me or register your interest for the September intake of The Content Course. It’s 3 week’s to finding content calm, where you’ll build a library of content, plan for month’s ahead and get the content prepped and ready to go.