There’s plenty to remember when you’re managing an Instagram business account, but it doesn’t need to be overwhelming in any way. Certainly there are many components to it, but everything’s pretty simple when you know how. So here’s my mini checklist to ensure you are making the most of every tool and opportunity on Instagram.


Business or personal Instagram profile?

If you’re a business, you need a business profile not a personal one.


If you do one thing on Instagram, do this.

Firstly know exactly who your ideal customer is and what makes them tick.


Create an attention grabbing Instagram profile – it’s your shop window

  • Username – 30 characters to represent your brand
  • Name/headline – Full business name or what you do. Include your ‘name’ if you can or add it to your bio below.
  • Profile image – logo, head shot, key product shot that differentiates you in one small circle.
  • Bio – this is your elevator pitch, in other words it is about who you are and what you stand for. (150 characters) Write as a sentence or bullet points using emojis. Include only your brand or campaign hashtag/s.
  • Name – Include your own name so users can address you correctly and you are more than a faceless big brand.
  • Website – Direct to your website or to a style page.


Your Instagram theme – communicate a strong brand

  • Aesthetic – Plan out your page aesthetic. Choose a theme that visually represents your brand. This is the look and feel of your page, built up by your profile image, story highlights, grid and use of emojis in your bio. Choose consistent filters, colour schemes, fonts and filters.
  • Words – Add to the visual with a consistent tone of voice and communication style. Does they represent you?


Story Highlights are your business brochures

  • Covers – Add attractive on brand story highlight covers
  • Content – Only include content which sells you and your business.
  • How many – 4 or 5 highlights are perfect.


A stylish grid tells a lot about your business

  • Looks – it needs to reflect your brand, but attract your ideal customer. A busy jumbled grid will alienate an organised person for example.
  • Theme – Keep it simple.


What do I need to remember when posting content?

  • Posts
    • Images, graphics or video
    • Include a caption, up to 30 well researched hashtags and a location tag too.
    • Frequency – be consistent. Do not post 3 times one day and not again for 3 weeks. Ideally post 3-4 times a week, or every day if you can when building a business. Test and reflect on what works.


  • Stories
    • Frequency – Post to stories daily. At least once, 3 times if possible.
    • Content – Share curated content here too – with permission and always tag them.
    • Include – a caption and a hashtag and location sticker at the very least. Tag someone if relevant. Use up to 10 extra hashtags as a caption and hide it under other stickers.


  • Reels
    • They are getting a lot of exposure, so do get amongst it.
    • Post regularly.
    • Include captions and hashtags.


Posting vs engagement

Finally and most importantly engage more than you post.


There’s so many more tactics but if you follow these general tips you will definitely be headed in the right direction.


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