UK Awareness days to inspire your content in December 2023

Here’s December’s round up of awareness days for you to sprinkle into your monthly social media content.  Whilst it’s good to use one or two per month, I wouldn’t recommend filling your Instagram feed with them, as it could detract from your key message. But there’s no harm in sharing an awareness day every so often to connect with your ideal customers around a common interest.

Select a few days that you can hang some content on. If you feel like you’re forcing it, then it probably isn’t the right day for you. These days are here to help you to tell a business story or to support how you market your product or service.

December 2023 offers plenty of interesting and quirky days for you to sprinkle lightly across your content. I’ve highlighted a few of my favourites and listed the rest of these special days. Most of them are UK based but there are few fun US and Worldwide dates dropped in there too where I think there may be social media content opportunities for my community.

Tap on each of the events below and they will take you directly to the organiser’s page or to more info.

*If I’ve missed any key dates, I apologise, this is no easy job and I’m providing this to you for free.

*Please check all dates before using them in your marketing. It is your responsibility to check the accuracy of the information. I’m just sharing my own research to make life easier for you.

*Lastly please do bring any dates I have missed to my attention and I can add them in for others to view.

A few December highlights

English Breakfast Day

2nd December

Traditionally celebrated for its meaty content, today there's a 'Fry Up' for everyone whether it's meaty, veggie or full on Vegan.

Small Business Saturday

2nd December

This is a biggie for most of us here! How will you promote your business today? How will you support someone elses?

Santa's List Day

4th December

Have you been naughty or have you been nice? Send your list to Santa/Father Christmas, Santa's Grotto. Reindeer Land, XM4 5HQ

Christmas Jumper Day

7th December

Dig out your Christmas jumpers for a good cause. Cool and classy or full-on tacky...the choice is yours!

Bah Humbug Day

21st December

If you're not feeling the festivities, this is the day for you. It can be a stressful time of the year and it's OK to say so. Let it out today!

Night of the Radishes

23rd December

For a quirky Christmas conversation starter, nothing comes close to this whimsical Mexican tradition. What would you carve?

Winter Solstice

21st December

It's the shortest day of the winter. Although traditionally the start of Winter, the days only get longer from here. Roll on Spring!

Christmas Eve

24th December

There are so many traditions to observe today, or perhaps just send thanks to your customers and followers for their support.

More December Awareness Dates

I hope this list of December special awareness days helps you plan and create some interesting content as we enter the last month of 2022. Are there any opportunities to share a funny/business/personal story that might resonate with your community and/or your ideal customer?

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Wishing you a great month!
Sarah x