UK Awareness days to inspire your content in November 2023

Here’s November’s round up of awareness days for you to sprinkle into your monthly social media content.  Whilst I wouldn’t recommend using ‘too’ many in your Instagram feed as it could dilute your key message, sharing a funny/interesting/thought provoking nod to an awareness day every now and then can help connect with your ideal customers around a shared interest.

Select a few days that mean something to you, that help you to tell a business story or feel right for supporting how you market your product or service.

November 2023 has no shortage of special awareness days – I’ve highlighted a few of my favourites and listed the rest of these special days. Most of them are UK based but there are few fun US and Worldwide dates dropped in there too where I think there may be social media content opportunities for my community.

Tap on each of the events below and they will take you directly to the organiser’s page or to more info.

*If I’ve missed any key dates, I apologise, this is no easy job and I’m providing this to you for free.

*Please check all dates before using them in your marketing. It is your responsibility to check the accuracy of the information. I’m just sharing my own research to make life easier for you.

*Lastly please do bring any dates I have missed to my attention and I can add them in for others to view.

A few November highlights

World Vegan Month

Through November

A chance to celebrate and educate your followers on living La Vegan Loca! A great opportunity to share tips, recipes and encourage questions.


Through November

Are you growing a Mo this year? Are your followers? A perfect link to November's Mens Mental Health Awareness month

Stress Awareness Day

1st November

With so much pressure all around us raising awareness about stress prevention couldn't be more current.

National Sandwich Day

3rd November

A fun US date but a great one to engage with your audience - what's your favourite sandwich? Name your weird or wonderful fillings!

World Kindness Day

13th November

What act of kindness could you highlight? Encourage your followers to share theirs for a real feel-good post!

Self Care Week

13th-19th November

The perfect week to put yourself first and to encourage your followers to do the same. Enjoy some precious Me-Time.

Buy Nothing Day

23rd November

This day might seem counter-intuitive if you sell a physical product, but being open about your social consciousness is a great marketing tool.

Giving Tuesday

28th November

What can you and your followers do to support the good causes that mean so much to you?

More November Awareness Dates

World Vegan Month


1st Nov: World Vegan Day

1st Nov – National Brush Day

1st – 2nd Nov – Dia de los muertos – Day of the Dead

2nd Nov: International Project Management Day

3rd Nov – No Dig Day

3rd Nov: International Stout Day

4th Nov – Roast Dinner Day

5th Nov: Bonfire Night

6th-12 Nov – Children’s Book Week

6th-12 Nov: Living Wage Week

7th Nov: Hug a Bear Day

6th-10th Nov: National School Meals Week

6th-10th Nov: Talk Money Week

7th-11th Nov: International Leadership Week

7th November – Purple Tuesday (Improving customer experience for disabled people)

9th Nov: World Adoption Day

9th Nov: Social Media Kindness Day

10th Nov: World Science Day for Peace & Development

11th Nov: Armistice Day

12th November – Diwali

13th-19th Nov: Trans Awareness Week

13th November – World Kindness Day

13th Nov: Remembrance Sunday

13th Nov: Odd Socks Day (anti-bullying)

14th Nov: World Diabetes Day

13th-19th Nov: Sugar Awareness Week

13th-17th Nov: Anti-Bullying Week

13th-19th Nov: Book Week (Scotland)

14th-19th Nov: Geography Awareness Week

14th Nov –  World Diabetes Day

14-20th Nov  – National Winter Warmth Week

15th Nov: Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day (US)

16th Nov: International Day for Tolerance

17th Nov: World Prematurity Day

17th Nov: World Philosophy Day

17th Nov: Beaujolais Nouveau Day

18th Nov: Mickey Mouse’s Birthday

19th Nov: International Men’s Day

19th Nov: World Toilet Day

19th-25th Nov: Road Safety Week

20th Nov: World Children Day

21st Nov: World Television Day

22nd Nov: Go for a Ride Day (US)

22nd-28th Nov: British Game Week

24th November – National Day of Listening (US)

25th Nov: White Ribbon Day

24th Nov: Black Friday – check out my blog for some planet and community friendly alternatives 

26th Nov: Stir Up Sunday (Christmas Pudding making day)

27th Nov: Lancashire Day

27th Nov: Full Moon – Beaver moon

28th Nov: Giving Tuesday

30th Nov: Cyber Monday

30th Nov: St Andrews Day

I hope this list of November special awareness days helps you plan and create a couple of interesting and engaging pieces of content for the month. Maybe have a think about how you can make your community smile, how you can use an awareness day to tell a story about your business, to share an inspirational quote and how they can work in connecting with your audience.

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Wishing you a great month!
Sarah x