Awareness days to inspire your content in March 2024

Hello March! And with the lengthening daylight comes some new awareness days. Has anyone else noticed that it’s almost light when they wake up? It’s certainly helping me leave the comfort of my duvet with a little less effort!

There are LOTS of awareness days to choose from this month so be selective – choose the ones that you know will connect with your ideal customers around a common interest. Do try to avoid using them too often as this could detract from your key message.

Select a few days that you can hang some content on. If you feel like you’re forcing it, then it probably isn’t the right day for you. These days are here to help you to tell a business story or to support how you market your product or service.

March 2024 has a variety of dates which should help you create some engaging content. A handful of them are US based, however their subject matter could still offer social media content opportunities for my community.  I’ve highlighted a few of my favourites at the top of the blog, and listed the rest of these special days.

Tap on each of the events below and they will take you directly to the organiser’s page or to more info.

*If I’ve missed any key dates, I apologise, this is no easy job and I’m providing this to you for free.

*Please check all dates before using them in your marketing. It is your responsibility to check the accuracy of the information. I’m just sharing my own research to make life easier for you.

*Lastly please do bring any dates I have missed to my attention and I can add them in for others to view.

A few March highlights

Meet the Maker


A month long challenge that helps you to talk to your followers about every aspect of your small creative business!

Women's History Month


Time to celebrate the often overlooked contribution that women have made to history, culture and society.

Day of Awesomeness!

10th March

People are awesome every day, and don't often realise it, so take a moment to tell someone how amazing they are today.

No Selfies Day

16th March

There's nothing wrong with a selfie but what else could you capture today for your social media feed?

Great British Spring Clean

15th-31st March

Keep Britain Tidy’s annual national clean-up campaign to get rubbish off the ground, safely collected and recycled.

Day of Happiness

20th March

Wellbeing matters more than ever, so take some time today to do something that brings you happiness.

Earth Hour

23rd March

Join one of the largest movements for nature, turning the lights off for one hour for climate crisis awareness.

British Summer Time!

31st March

Although the weather is still a little chilly, let's celebrate by welcoming in lighter mornings and longer days!

More March Awareness Dates

Endometriosis Awareness Month

Marie Curie Great Daffodil Appeal

National Bed Month

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

National Nutrition Month (US)

26 Feb – 4 Mar – New Homes Week

1 Mar – St David’s Day

1 Mar – National Peanut Butter Lovers Day (US)

1 Mar – Zero Discrimination Day

1 Mar – Employee Appreciation Day

2 Mar – Old Stuff Day

3 Mar – World Wildlife Day

4-10 March – National Careers Week

4-10 March – Cultivation Street Week

4-10 Mar – British Pie Week

5 Mar – St Pirans Day

7 Mar – National Cereal Day

7 Mar – World Book Day

7-10 March – Crufts

8 Mar – International Women’s Day

8-17 British Science Week

9 Mar – No Smoking Day

10 Mar – Mothers Day

11 Mar – World Plumbing Day

11-17  Mar – Nutrition and Hydration Week

11-15 Mar – Brain Awareness Week

12 Mar – Plant a Flower Day (US)

12 Mar – Organise Your Home Office Day

13 Mar – Commonwealth Day

14 Mar – University Mental Health day

14 Mar – Social Prescribing Day

14 Mar – International Ask a Question Day

15 Mar – World Sleep Day

15 Mar – World Speech Day

15 Mar – Comic Relief

17 Mar – St Patrick’s Day

18 Mar – Global Recycling Day

18-24 March – Neurodiversity Week

18-24 Mar – Food Waste Action Week

19 Mar – International Read to Me Day

19 Mar – Spring Equinox. First day of Spring

21 Mar – World Downs Syndrome Day & Awareness Week

21 Mar – International Day of Forests

21 Mar – World Poetry Day

21 Mar – Single Parents Day (US)

22 Mar – World Water Day

22 Mar – National Skipping Day

23 March  – National Day of Reflection

25 Mar – Full Moon  / Worm Moon

29 March – Good Friday

30 Mar – Bipolar Awareness Day

31 Mar – World Backup Day

31 Mar – Transgender Day of Visibility

31 Mar – British Summer Time!

I hope this list of March’s special awareness days helps inspire some fresh content. Are there any opportunities to share a funny/business/personal story that might resonate with your community and/or your ideal customer?

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Wishing you a great month!
Sarah x